About Neozet

Neozet was born in 2010 with a deep conviction of being a relevant and leading player in strategic areas such as energy management. The innovative, process and technological seal we have achieved together with our collaborators and our customers who have trusted in that.

Our methodology and management platform Sigge, power generation management system, has allowed us to build an ecosystem of valuable contribution to the industry and we hope to continue to grow. We are currently with projects and activities in Chile and Peru:


Our Team

We have a team of 26 multidisciplinary professionals that allows us to support the different actors in the local and regional energy sector in a highly complex, changing and specialized industry.

Since 1998, two of Neozet’s main executives have been working in the local energy sector in commercial, technical, regulatory and tariff areas in important electricity companies, and then in 2010 they formalized this new challenge.

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Our Clients says

  • Daniel Fernández de Salamanca,
    CEO at EDF Energies Nouvelles Chile
    “They have been a great support for our projects in SING and SIC
  • Alfredo Solar,General Manager at Atlas Renewable Energy
    Sigge has allowed us to get better management and transition from Sunedison to Atlas”
  • Carlos Salamanca, Interface Operation
    Manager Kelar (BHP)
    Sigge is quite an important tool of control and management for this kind of projects “

Our Location

Our offices are located in the Edificio Team Office, at the heart of Providencia

Guardia Vieja 202, Oficina 1104, Piso 11, Providencia, Chile
T: +56-2-2664 4112  +56-2-2664 3945